We provide capital asset lease financing to start-up, early stage, quickly growing & other qualified organizations that may have limited capital to purchase assets needed to support their businesses.

VFS is an independent Equipment Leasing & Finance company. The company provides solutions serving a wide range of industries. The company was founded in 2009 with the focus on the underserved Small and Midsize Business credits. Today, the company leases equipment in emerging green energy, general manufacturing, telecommunications, computing, networking, security, healthcare and life sciences industries.

Industries in which there are high rates of change, often driven by the emergence of new and disruptive technologies, regulatory change or emerging trends will typically seek a variety of funding sources and alternative funding solutions. VFS strives to help our customers by providing financial solutions to support the growth and challenges they face.

The company leases equipment for companies small and large.


Clients/Asset Profile:

We seek opportunities with clients that:

⦁ Have well developed, comprehensive business plans with compelling competitive advantages
⦁ Have assembled strong management teams with extensive experience, and proven records of success
⦁ Are well capitalized by high net worth founders and/or investors with proven success
⦁ Will provide personal guarantees from above if necessary
⦁ Are well positioned in their target markets for rapid revenue and profit growth

We seek to finance assets that:

⦁ Are mission critical
⦁ That generate revenues, or provide cost savings, that are more than sufficient to support the lease payment
⦁ Are state of art and are part of the client’s competitive advantage equation
⦁ Are manufactured and marketed by quality suppliers with financial stability, a history of quality products and that have many satisfied clients of similar products
⦁ Have long expected useful lives and well-established secondary markets

Equipment types:

Manufacturing/Production/Processing/Machine Tools
Network and Telecommunications equipment
Emerging energy
Healthcare/Medical equipment
Life science