Energy Services

a division of Venture Funding Specialists

Who we are 
• Green energy services and solution provider
• Fuel cell systems developer
• Largest North American VAR (Valued Added Reseller) for Doosan Corporation
• Own and manage 21 fuel cells nationwide


What we do 
• Reduce and stabilize utility costs
• Reduce greenhouse gas (CHG) emissions
• Increase energy efficiency
• Provide backup and disaster recovery
• $0 down project financing that includes:

  • • Engineering
  • • Constructions Services
  • • Renewable energy credit application submission, siting council submission, and all necessary permitting
  • • Long term care and services
  • • Custom tailored Purchase Power Agreements (PPA) and Energy Services
  • Agreements (ESA)


Typical client 
• Paying .15 cents or more per kwh
• Usage greater than 300,000 kwh per month / 3.6 million kwh per year
Located in region that offers renewable energy credits
• Reduce utility cost
• Frequent need for low-grade and/or high-grade hot water
• Redundancy needed for mission critical applications


News articles “Montville Water Pollution Control Authority facility gets fuel cell” “With fuel cell fully operational, Montville anticipates energy savings”