We provide a full range of programs designed to help equipment manufacturers and distributors enhance sales by offering a financing or leasing option to customers. Our representatives work with you to design transaction terms and structures that match your customers’ cash flow, tax and accounting objectives, and business needs.

Convenient financing programs help business equipment dealers and manufacturers sell more equipment.

Benefits of a Leasing Program for your business:

⦁ Increased Margins – Leasing often preserves margins that are lost in highly discounted cash sales. By selling monthly payments you avoid over discounting.
⦁ Close Business Faster – When your customer has to hunt for financing, it slows down the sales cycle. Offering your own leasing program means one-stop-shopping for your customer, a quick close for you and fewer lost sales.
⦁ Upselling – Low monthly lease payments help increase volume. Affordable monthly lease payments allow your customer to buy more “product” than a large upfront purchase price might allow.
⦁ Upgrading During the Term – Adding upgrades to the lease is easy for the customer and profitable for you. We add the upgrade to the Master Lease, with only a minimal monthly increase for the customer.
⦁ Lock In Follow-On Business – Follow-on business is almost always more profitable than the initial order. By monitoring the end of the lease term, you’ll know exactly when to contact the customer.
⦁ Improve Cash Flow – Avoid providing 30, 60 and 90 day terms to your customers. VFS will fund the transaction immediately upon installation and documentation, providing you with improved cash flow.

Benefits of Leasing for Your Customer:

⦁ Low monthly payments vs. significant cash outlay
⦁ Save operating budgets
⦁ Preserve and/or expands existing lines of credit
⦁ Protect against equipment obsolescence with easy upgrades
⦁ Lease payments are often tax deductible
⦁ Can provide “off balance sheet” financing
⦁ One stop shopping
⦁ Creative financial solutions can potentially save a sale.

Kimberly LED Lighting:

In addition to partnering with our clients, we have a unique partnership to provide lease financing to support the sales of LED lighting by Kimberly Lighting.  Our mutual clients can take advantage of our low lease rates to go green, and improve their current lighting while realizing significant energy and other savings.

Kimberly offers LED replacement lighting solutions for all high volume, high usage lighting applications. Businesses that keep many traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights burning for 10 hours or more can realize significant savings in energy costs merely by replacing the bulbs. Candidates would include restaurants, lighting stores, car dealerships, parking lots, and many others.

For most applications, Kimberly Lighting can propose an LED replacement light solution that will provide improved lighting with significant energy savings.  Most indoor lamps are dimmable, and parking lot lamps are 100% made in the USA!

As the replacement bulbs have a high per unit cost, VFS provides financing that enables qualified clients to start realizing the energy savings with no upfront costs.  Our lease rates are typically 40-60% of the client’s monthly savings, and Kimberly provides a 6-year maintenance and bulb warranty, which contributes savings in replacement bulb and labor costs. In addition, at the end of the lease, clients may purchase the bulbs for the 10% security deposit they provided at lease inception.

Our process is simple and fast:

⦁    Clients with potential high energy savings complete VFS, LLC credit application found on our Services page and email the completed form to ⦁
⦁    VFS quickly reviews the application and, and if client is qualified for financing, will request a Kimberly Lighting specialist to contact potential client to determine possible energy savings, and to develop a proposal that will include purchase prices, projected monthly cost savings, and proposed monthly lease payment.
⦁    If lease terms are accepted, clients will sign and return the proposal to Kimberly.
⦁    VFS will prepare and execute documents required to complete the lease
⦁    Clients provide a 10% security deposit (returned at end of original lease term, or applied as end of lease purchase price) and first month’s rent. VFS pays Kimberly the quoted purchase price.
⦁    Client’s provide ACH payments monthly and the savings, which may be as high as double the lease payment, commence.

The economic and environmental benefits are compelling and measurable. Typical 48 month lease economics for a restaurant replacing 200 60 watt bulbs with 200 15 watt LED lamps would be:

Purchase price                     $10,000​
Monthly lease payment     $220
Monthly energy savings    $390
Net monthly savings          $170 plus savings from replacement bulbs and labor

All replacement configurations provided by Kimberly would be expected to achieve similarly significant savings achieved quickly and easily.  To view Kimberly Lighting solutions, visit